USS New York

The Commissioning of PCU New York took place on November 7th, 2009 at the Intrepid Museum Pier 88 South, Pier 86 North NYC, NY, 10036, USA.

Finally, some of what we lost returns, The USS New York, LPD-21 paraded into New York Harbor on Monday, November 2nd of 2009 for the Commissioning event of the century. No other ship in world history carries the sentiment and import this ship possesses. In her bow is 7.5 tons of World Trade Center Steel, on her decks are the best and brightest crew this nation can produce and in our hearts, the hopes and dreams of a nation that will not be kept down.

USS New York Ships CoinHarbor entrance
PCU New York passed under the Verrazano Bridge and was joined by a flotilla of boats from Federal, State and City organizations as well as local municipalities, ferry companies and private boats. Many of these vessels responded on 9-11 to assist with evacuation, some with firefighting and some with the aftermath as New York struggled to clean-up and rebuild. A few are named after heroes who fell that terrible day, like PCU New York. Many were the vessels that turned Flight 1549 from an air crash into a Miracle. They all came to pay respect to what was lost and to welcome what has returned. It is here, at this time and place that we draw a line in the sand and say, We Will Never Forget.

Commissioning Day
Its been 2948 days since the attack, more than a day for every man, woman and child killed. The greatest testament to our resolve is now commissioned into service with the United States Navy. There were speeches, songs, tears, and emotions so strong its hard to speak. With the words "Man your ship" brought her to life, the world will changed, at least for us. She will never fill the hole, but she will fill our hearts.

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USS New York Comissioning

Above, the moment of Christening the USS New York.

USS New York Keel Pouring

Above, a worker pours molten steel into a mold to form the bow stem of the USS New York.

American Flag

The USS New York LPD-21 was constructed at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems shipyard in Avondale, LA, and is the fifth amphibious transport dock of the San Antonio class. The ship was named New York after the state and incorporates in its construction steel salvaged from the World Trade Centers. Her ship motto is "Never Forget." "We're very proud that the twisted steel from the WTC towers will soon be used to forge an even stronger national defense," New York Gov. George Pataki spoke in 2002. "The USS New York will soon be defending freedom and combating terrorism around the globe, while also ensuring that the world never forgets the evil attacks of Sept. 11 and the courage and strength New Yorkers showed. This is the seventh U.S. ship named New York.

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